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The Garden of Delights

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It looks like a lot of information in a table, right? And it is, but this trip is worth it!

The triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights was painted by the Dutch artist Hieronymous Bosch in the late 15th century and is in the Prado Museum.

The picture shows the creation of the world, when its side flaps are closed.

When opening it, Bosch showed, on the left, Paradise, with Jesus, Adam and Eve. In the central part of the triptych is the Garden of Earthly Delights, properly speaking, in which men and animals splash around in a kind of hedonistic orgy. Look down there:

Yeah, but then they pay the price for it, because on the right side of the triptych, hell is lurking, with surreal figures that are as frightening as they are fascinating.

This is a common type of painting of the time, with a moralizing message. The idea was that the family that had it (do you think you have a Bosch at home?) Would always remember how we have to behave ... because the consequences come. From above, from below or from the side ...

Bosch's paintings are characterized by telling several stories at the same time. If you pay attention, there are several actions happening on the board. And each one of them is portrayed with a wealth of details and symbolisms that make the work still render the most varied interpretations.

But now skip a few centuries and come with me!

Of the various works that this painting inspired, I will share two of artists that I love.

The first is a ballet by the Canadian dance company Marie Chouinard, which has a work that is authorial and very daring. Spy!

The link to this ballet page is on here .

Now let's go to photography!

Tim Walker is a fashion photographer that I love. His photos are always loaded with oneirism and take us to magical places. Take a look:

Now look where the inspiration came from:

Another photo by Tim Walker:

Did you find the image bold? Well know that this scene is also depicted in the painting, but this time I will let you play Where's Wally!

To see more of this essay click on here .

The Garden of Delights collection of EH Studio

The Ateliê's Garden of Delights collection was inspired by this work. Our challenge was to create the same delirious atmosphere in the painting, but with our own garden: the flowers that appear in our pieces were "invented" in the garden of our imagination. One of the pieces I love the most is the Bracelet September.

His design is bold, like the work of Chouinard and Walker.

The Badu Necklace also lives in my heart. Its shape is also unusual and it looks really cool with other pendants used with it.

Want to know more about this collection? Comes on here !

And, surprise!

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